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 日本語流暢 アメリカ人ネイティブ プロ英会話教師 日常英会話教材作成者&音声教材録音担当者

アメリカ人オンライン英会話講師マイケルはウイットに富んだ大変面白い先生で効果的にアメリカ英語会話と発音、リズムnotenotenoteを 教えることができるプロのスカイプ英会話先生です。英語教材やCDや音声教材の作成や録音も担当しておりますので、非常にきれいなCNNやCDのようなアメリカ英語を話します。






Hi, my name is Michael. Thank you for reading my profile. It's nice to meet you. Let me tell you about myself. I was born in Ohio. After high school, I graduated from the University of Maryland. I wasn't always an English teacher however. For many years, I rode and trained horses. I was in Hawaii training horses when I first met and made Japanese friends.

But that was in the past. I've been teaching for Myskypenglish for awhile now. The students that I have are all nice people. I teach conversation and other things related to the Eiken, Toeic, etc. I'm a serious teacher but I also like to have fun. I try to customize my lessons to the students needs. If needed, I can speak Japanese.

Nowadays, my home is Florida. I like to fish. Sometimes, I just like to look at the ocean. Florida is an exciting place. There's always something new to see. I hope you choose to take a lesson with me. I can promise you that I will do my best for you. Thank you!!!




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I look forward to hearing from you about Christmas in Hawaii. See you soon...

12/09 13:25 by Emi***

How about the first Christmas in Hawaii?

12/09 13:24 by Emi***

I need your help to check it and discuss about the presentation.

12/09 13:21 by Emi***

I will write an abstract for the conference in Glasgow 2019.

12/09 13:20 by Emi***

I look forward to having your lesson.

12/09 13:19 by Emi***

Thank you for your kind lessons.

12/09 13:18 by Emi***

I am also looking forward to the next lesson.

12/02 08:50 by Uta***

I am very much looking forward every time.

12/02 08:47 by Uta***

It is a very good teacher to entertain children.

12/02 08:45 by Uta***

It was a long lesson after a long time, but I enjoyed conversation. Thank you very much.

12/02 08:43 by Uta***


11/17 09:18 by 橋本 ***


11/17 09:17 by 橋本 ***


10/16 23:17 by TOK***

Good teacher. You point out my mistakes and explain well.

10/08 13:41 by Kat***

Thanks to you, I could get the best score in the exam. I'll continue to take your lesson after the examination.

10/04 19:40 by Kat***

I want to reserve your lesson constantly, if nothing happen.

09/27 21:13 by Emi***

A lot of things had happened around me.

09/27 21:11 by Emi***

Thank you for your lesson and massage.

09/27 21:10 by Emi***


09/23 15:06 by 橋本 ***


09/23 15:06 by 橋本 ***

Thank you for some advices to improve my English. I’ll practice a lot.

09/14 17:45 by Ken***

Please wait a little. I look forward to seeing you soon!

08/24 17:15 by Emi***

But I have now a lot of thing to do!

08/24 17:15 by Emi***

I want to talk you soon.

08/24 17:14 by Emi***

Hi Micheal! Finally I reserved your lesson!

08/24 17:14 by Emi***

Hi Micheal, Thank you very much for your lessons.

07/25 09:06 by Emi***


07/12 22:53 by 橋本 ***


07/12 22:52 by 橋本 ***

Thank you, Mike. I enjoyed your lesson.

07/03 17:27 by Hir***

Thank you, Mike. I enjoyed your lesson.

07/03 17:26 by Hir***