Pang - スカイプ英会話ならマイスカイイングリッシュ


Hi, my name is Pang.


I am an undergrad student at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Public Health. Currently, I am student teaching and I will be graduating in May.



I love to teach and help others in any way that I can, whether that is through teaching, serving, or simply loving them.



My hobbies include playing volleyball, reading, and traveling. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family as well.



I have tutored ESL students from young students to adults and I have experience in teaching young students English and other subject areas.



Aside from teaching, I work as a certified nurse assistant at a nursing/retirement home.

I love that this is a place for students to learn more and grow but I also believe that this will be a place that I can learn from you too! Even teachers need to learn more. I look forward to meeting my students and investing in their education through the web.


If you are interested in taking my class, please feel free to book my class or send lesson requests. I hope to meet you soon! Blessings.



Pang's commentaries are very easy to understand.

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